Studio Photography Session

I am a self-taught photographer with an interest in documentary and street photography. 

After attending a workshop on Visual Culture and Identity I started to consider the camera as a means to convey and represent many of the questions in my head. My deep affection for the craft of photography has grown since then, like a slow burning love affair.

It was travelling that made me even more sensitive to the world of photography. The camera has become my way of filtering reality, of contemplating the beauty of diversity. It is eventually my own way to relate to the world, to create a dialogue between the personal and the universal.


My approach is simple. I research. I observe. I shoot. I aim to capture candid human stories, people and places in everyday life and try to frame those sublime moments as eternally meaningful. I want my images to grasp the meaning of home, to be an investigation into the fluidity of our personal and cultural identities and the boundaries of human resilience.

Ultimately, I want to capture the universality of being human.


When I am not holding a camera, I am reading, cooking up huge meals or dreaming about living among lush green hills planted with coffee.


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