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Photography was never on my horizon. 


It found me by chance, one day. It offered me a place to rest and I stayed. Travelling made me even more sensitive to the craft and its possibilities to give shape to my curiosity, my yearnings for expression and hunger for understanding the other, and through it, myself.


Photography is my therapy. I use it to stay anchored and connected to places and people. It is the filter through which I document the beauty of being human, here, right now. It is my own way to relate to the world, to bridge the gap between the personal and the universal, the said and the unsaid, the here and the nowhere. I want my images to be an investigation into the fluidity of our personal and cultural identities, to document the boundaries of human resilience and question the elusive notions of home and belonging. They are my journey.


If you want to ask me a question or simply say hi, write to me below.

You can also find me on Instagram at @jakrux.

I am currently based in London, UK.

Thanks for your message!

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