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language is not just an assortment of words. it is an entity that connects each of us to our personal and social identity. your mother tongue is the filter through which you make sense of the world around you. it’s the carrier of your culture, your character, your defects, your sensitivity. it gives you space to inhabit and space to develop and cast shades of your personality. it gives you confidence, makes you feel bonded, safe, whole.


this series is an exploration of the journey of all of those who, like me, express themselves every day in a foreign language. of those who constantly try to translate their world into another. it is a journey full of shifts of perspective, falls, constant adjustments, gaps and inevitable misunderstandings. it is the continuous tension towards the desire of being seen as whole by your listeners and the awareness that parts of yourself will always get lost in that process.


it’s like crossing a river. going through a storm. walking through a forest.


you go in as one and will inevitably come out as a different person.

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